Brandywine Staff

Congratulations to our very own Terri Taylor, RN
2016 Registered Nurse of the Year for Long Term Care

Here is an excerpt from the nomination letter written by our DON Chad Golden, Rn and ADON Melissa VanNeerden, RN

"I feel privileged to have the honor of nominating this outstanding individual as a candidate for the 2016 DHCFA All Star Awards. This individual is not only the backbone of our facility in every sense of the word, but she is also our anchor and has surpassed every expectation imaginable"

"She continually demonstrates to staff that she is a team player, always working alongside of other members of the IDT"

"She is the poster child for what it means to put the resident’s first, staff second, and herself last. After 29 years of being a part of our team, I feel very fortunate to work alongside of this amazing candidate and hope you agree that she should be chosen to win the All Star Award"